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18933964563Vodafone IdeaUttar Pradesh East0 second ago
29655831429Vodafone IdeaTamil Nadu1 second ago
37089396287Vodafone IdeaMadhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh2 seconds ago
48844621578Number PortedMumbai4 seconds ago
59733605276Vodafone IdeaWest Bengal5 seconds ago
67813968048BSNLKarnataka7 seconds ago
79468725979BSNLRajasthan8 seconds ago
89116875341BSNLRajasthan9 seconds ago
99346449136Reliance JioAndhra Pradesh12 seconds ago
108960257638BSNLUttar Pradesh East13 seconds ago

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Enter the 10 digit number in the search box above to trace a mobile number. You will get owner details after tracking and you can locate its reference locations on Map. If any person is troubling you, then you can also submit your complaint for that number. You will be asked to login with your Google account. Your name will be masked for privacy.

India has 4 major telecom operators namely Jio, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea and BSNL. These operators provide mobile connectivity in 22 telecom circles. Any mobile number is tracked using multiple data sources available. Department of Telecommunications (DoT) allocates different mobile number series to different operators to be used in their specific cirle. We analyze multiple data channels to track and locate any mobile number location on map and provide neary cities and reference locations of the SIM card. The operator details can sometimes be different if the number has been ported.

Reliance Jio being the industry leader has 436 millions mobile users, followed by Airtel which was once king of mobile operators and now has user base of 352 millions. Vodafone Idea comes next with a figure of 273 millions subscribers. Then comes our Indian state owned BSNL which has a subscriber base of 115 millions. Our mobile number tracker software can trace any Indian mobile number provided by any of these operators and provide complete mobile number details.

CallTracer is a free, easy tool to trace any mobile number. This mobile location tracker gives complete owner details along with location on map easily. You can even get our mobile number tracer widget for your website, so your visitors can track any mobile number right from your website.